Phonics Puzzles

Drag the pieces to solve the puzzle! Phonics Puzzles is an exciting and playful way to learn phonics. Enjoy over 180 unique puzzles!

App features

  • Based on the Jolly Phonics system, published by Jolly Learning Ltd
  • Choose between British, Australian and American English
  • Over 160 original puzzles
  • Turn off the snapping of puzzles pieces for easier gameplay
  • Fully voiced with correct phonics pronunciation
  • Colourful graphics & simple interface, easy to use for kids
  • Choose between lowercase/uppercase or mixed casing
  • No in-app purchases, fully featured

App Store reviews

This is a good app to learn phonics with, it’s colourful and easy to navigate so I can just give it to my daughter and she can figure it out. I like the phonics sounds a lot.

Molly Henson

We sometimes let the kids play with educational apps in class and this is one of them because of the phonics. They are really good.

Robert J. King

My daughter is 3 and a half and plays this game a few times a week. Sometimes she needs a bit of help on the more difficult puzzles, but only if she hasn’t done it before. The jollu phonics are great.

Sammy W.

Nice app for children to learn phonics! We use it in class.

Audrey Henning