Phonics Match

Who doesn’t love a classic matching pairs game? With Phonics Match you can match pairs and learn phonics at the same time.

App features

  • Based on the Jolly Phonics system, published by Jolly Learning Ltd
  • Choose between British, Australian and American English
  • 126 different picture cards, each with their own word
  • 42 different phonics cards with their own letter
  • Fully voiced with correct phonics pronunciation
  • Colourful graphics & simple interface, easy to use for kids
  • Choose between lowercase/uppercase or mixed casing
  • No in-app purchases, fully featured

App Store reviews

This is a very good phonic and memory game. I like that there are a lot of 2 letter combinations such as “ch” and “oi”. When associated with a picture, these more complicated sounds tend to stick in my daughter’s memory


I have a 4 year old daughter and she is learning the jolly phonics groups. This game helps her to remember the phonics soundsm which are very good also. If you are looking for a fun matching pairs game with phonics, I suggest you try this one.


This app really helps in class. I teach the different phonics groups and the kids are liking the app a lot. The pronunciation is good so they learn it correctly. This app is one of the few that teaches CORRECT phonics!

Laura Taint

Had some great success with this app trying to teach my daughter some phonics. The app helps a lot to make it entertaining! It helps to be able to hear the different phonics sounds in the groups so she learns it in order. Great work!